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Who we are

The 3D Initiative was created in memory of Deonka Deidra Drayton. With a spirit that radiated in rooms and across hearts that knew her, it was imperative that her legacy and life lingered in the service delivered to others. Our organization aims to meet youth where they are, and guide them safely with a support system wherever they are going, in order to see them live a joyous and fulfilling life. Determined to rebuild bridges that are often broken or nonexistent for youth that feel powerless or unheard, the 3D Initiative provides love, respect, and empathy. Our aim is to empower youth to articulate their feelings in a healthy, individualized manner that leads to more avenues for a thriving life. We are determined to help any child, anywhere, and all of their dimensions.

Mission and Vision

The 3D Initiative exists to further disrupt systems that are disadvantageous to marginalized and underserved youth 12 to 22 , by providing mental, economic, and transitional resources to empower healthy and fulfilling lives without barriers. We envision a streamlined continuum of system of support that fosters trust, guidance, and empathy. Thus, leaving no youth alienated from the resources needed to live a sustainable and thriving life.

From the desk of the director


Andrea Drayton


Andrea Anita Drayton was born June 8, 1968 in Charleston, SC. She is a wife and mother of three children. The late Deonka Drayton, Shepherd Drayton III, and Alexia Drayton. She is a nurse of 32 years, wife of Shepherd Drayton Jr, also of 32 years. She is also the founder and director of the 3D Initiative, a Non-Profit Charity, created in honor of her daughter Deonka. From a very young age, Andrea was known for her independent mindset and feisty personality.  In hopes of continuing Deonka’s legacy, Andrea created the 3D Initiative, which alliterated her eldest daughter’s initials. From a young girl, Deonka always navigated towards individuals who felt as though they were ostracized or unaccepted, and tried her best to make those individuals feel welcomed and safe.  As a foundation, our primary goal to rebuild bridges that are often broken or nonexistent for youth that feel powerless or unheard.