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Our initiatives

We are determined to rebuild bridges that are often broken or nonexistent for youth that feel powerless or unheard.

Resource Navigation

From inception, The 3D Initiative will maintain ongoing resource navigation for all program participants, regardless of their sexual identity, economic status, or educational background. Resource navigation will include but is not limited to: connecting participants with legal support, resources for higher ed learning, wellness practices, mental health support, and financial liberation methods.


The 3D Initiative will be diligent about fostering shared learning based on lived experiences and active research from program participants. The organization will work to promote a community that respects and supports youth from all walks of life, while seeking to discover areas of intersectionality. 

safe haven

The 3D Intiative will maintain an organization-wide culture of empathy, support, and safety. Whether physical, emotional, or physical, the organization will nurture existing relationships, foster trust with new program participants, and uphold participants privacy.